MMOs, unfortunately, do not last forever. When they sunset and close down for good, the whole genre mourns.

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Tencent-backed Chimeraland is shutting down at the end of March

Back in September of last year, we checked in on Tencent's strange survival sandbox Chimeraland only to find that very little had happened... followed...
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Nexon is shutting down its multiplayer medieval war game Warhaven in April

You may not have thought much about Warhaven this week prior to reading our PvP columnist Sam Kash's take on the game's current state...

Avatar franchise mobile MMO Avatar Reckoning has been canceled after split from Tencent

Almost exactly two years ago, we first caught wind of an MMO based on the Avatar franchise - mobile MMO, to be precise, although...

What we knew about Blizzard’s now-dead survival game, Odyssey

The history of Blizzard's game development includes a graveyard full of titles that never made it to launch, including the likes of Starcraft Ghost,...

Kritika Global is officially shut down on Steam today while Kritika Zero heads for release tomorrow

This is a tale of two Kritika Online titles, which might be a mercy since this game has come back four different times. Specifically,...

The Day Before has officially sunsetted, bringing its early access drama to a final ending

This year's popcorn drama is currently being provided by the likes of Palworld, but last year, it was The Day Before - and now...

Riot Games laid off over 500 people last night, and no we don’t know what it means for the Riot MMO

Riot Games is joining the seemingly endless list of game studios continuing to dump workers overboard: Last night, the company announced it is shedding...
Happiness is a warm car.

APB Reloaded is sunsetting its console versions – in fact, the Xbox server is already permanently offline

We've got some bad news for the APB community: Last night, Little Orbit announced that it's sunsetting APB Reloaded's console versions. "The decision to discontinue...

Minecraft Legends releases its final content update before entering maintenance mode

It hasn't even been a full year since the real-time strategy title Minecraft Legends released on multiple platforms, but unfortunately for fans of the...

Temtem closes its competitive esports tournament and associated Showdown standalone PvP side game

Allow us a moment to recap events before diving in to the headline above because this one is going to need some context. Last...

Nexon’s Vindictus is killing off all of its PvP systems in two weeks

Nexon action MMORPG Vindictus went through a period of relative quiet around 2020, but it's been putting out regular updates for the last couple...

Hearthstone is sunsetting its Duels Mode in April, Blizzard has announced

Hearthstone fans are in for disappointment today as Blizzard has announced the impending demise of the game's Duels Mode. "As we think about the future...

Working As Intended: The MMOs we lost in 2023

If preserving MMORPGs is your jam, 2023 was not a great year. The one nice thing I can say about it is that we...

Superhero card battler DC Dual Force surrenders to a shutdown

Back in October, we reported on the launch of DC Dual Force, a card battler that came out in response to the popularity of...

The Day Before Steam keys go for three figures on the grey market as Fntastic announces server closures

We all thought that news from The Day Before was going to end too, but the whole sordid story of this zombie extraction shooter...

Revelation Online will sunset on March 13, 2024

The year 2023 has a few more things to take from the MMO industry, apparently: Revelation Online is heading to sunset. MY.GAMES and NetEase...

Naughty Dog cancels The Last of Us Online owing to ‘the massive scope of [its] ambition’

Naughty Dog - a studio that's primarily known for its single-player titles - was looking to enter our sphere of the gaming world when...

Ubisoft’s 2014 racing game The Crew 1 is sunsetting in March 2024

2023 has one more thing to take away from the greater MMO genre: Ubisoft is sunsetting The Crew, the original game in the driving...

Team vs. team hero FPS Gundam Evolution has unfortunately sunsetted

Fans of the team vs. team hero shooter Gundam Evolution already knew that the game's closure was coming, but it doesn't make it any...

ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained officially merged this morning, sending Unchained into its last sunset

The great failed experiment that was ArcheAge Unchained is officially over. This week, Kakao merged the alternate business model version of the game into...