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He's a bit ouchy.

Mortal Online 2 opens up its test server for a new balance patch

It's frankly upsetting when you think of players on Mortal Online 2 who for too long have cowered behind shield, resolute and confident in...

Mortal Online 2 opens the Undercroft dungeon in latest patch

When you hear a place called the Undercroft, a few things come to mind: an underground delve, some form of fancy stonework, maybe impossibly...

Mortal Online 2 player polls prompt combat polish and new dungeons as devs talk F2P Haven and armored horses

The beginning of this year saw Mortal Online 2 approach its update roadmap a bit differently, as developer Star Vault asked players to vote...

Timezones and compensation cause Mortal Online 2 to count free sub time a day early

Considering the length of time it has taken for Mortal Online 2 to get to this point, we'd agree it would be easy to...

Mortal Online II starts polling players on this year’s development roadmap

While most MMO studios set a vision internally and lay that vision out through a year-long roadmap, Mortal Online 2 is doing things a...

Mortal Online 2’s Krampos has turned up to dole out free raffle bags

They say that the holiday season is a perfect time for a truce between former enemies, and if anything's going to bring the bloodthirsty...

Mortal Online 2 lists possible features for a future roadmap

Following its recent upgrade to Unreal Engine 5, Mortal Online 2's Star Vault is hoping to figure out its development roadmap going forward. The...

Mortal Online 2 releases its big Unreal Engine 5 upgrade and gameplay adjusting patch

The time has come for players of Mortal Online 2 to enjoy crispier textures, shinier lights, and nicer-looking skies. The game has fully released...

Unity ejects Weta Digital from its portfolio and lays off 265 more employees

In the frantic race to the bottom in 2023, Unity is pushing hard to cross the finish line first. The former game engine darling...

Mortal Online 2 calls latest UE5 test ‘a huge success’ and readies another PTR this week

Last week the FFA PvP sandbox Mortal Online 2 ran its third Unreal Engine 5 upgrade test, with a focus on debugging its server...

Mortal Online 2 continues to test out its Unreal Engine 5 upgrade with a third PTR November 13

The Unreal Engine 5 upgrade for Mortal Online 2 hasn't been quite the improvement that Star Vault first hyped it to be, at least...

Mortal Online 2 sells three-month packs as it gets ready to launch on Epic Game Store

Mortal Online 2 is preparing to take its next big step forward, as the PvP MMO has plans to launch on Epic Game Store...
Sure, why not, right?

Mortal Online 2 looks for feedback and trailer footage from its Unreal Engine 5 test

The Mortal Online 2 test server for its Unreal Engine 5 upgrade has ended, and now the game wants you. Yes, you, specifically, assuming...

Mortal Online 2 reiterates plan to begin subs with end-of-October UE5 launch

The latest developer livestream from Mortal Online 2 might seem to be repeating itself a bit at first blush, but perhaps fans should be...

Mortal Online 2’s Unreal Engine 5 update gets a release window of late October

Back in September of last year, Mortal Online 2 began hyping up its transition to Unreal Engine 5, with the transition heralded as a...

The Daily Grind: Are you playing Guild Wars 2 SOTO today – or another big launch?

August is always a super overwhelming month for me, in MMOs and out. I'm always trying to finish up projects in real life before...

Mortal Online 2’s ‘monumental’ territory control and siege systems are live – here are the patch notes

You've got to fight for your right to hold territory and maybe lay siege to others' territory because you want it yourself! OK admittedly...

Mortal Online 2 shuffles its third territory control public test to today – here are the patch notes

If you were among those players of Mortal Online 2 who were waiting for the sandbox MMORPG's third and final territory control PTR build...

The Daily Grind: Have your opinions on MMO PvP changed over the years?

One of the first columns I penned for MOP after we went indie was a column about what I wanted from serious MMO PvP....

Mortal Online 2 shares plans for a network stress test and one final territory control PTR test

During the latest weekly livestream from Mortal Online 2, Star Vault CEO Henrik Nystrom provided details on another round of testing coming to the...