some assembly required

Some Assembly Required is a feature column all about sandbbox MMOs and player-generated content; it is helmed by MJ Guthrie. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

Some Assembly Required: Grand Theft Online roleplay is a tough nut to crack

A few months ago, I discovered the world of Red Dead Online roleplay. The possibility of interacting with other players and discovering mechanics in...

Some Assembly Required: Taking a look at other players’ Craftopia creations

To this point I've been mostly focusing on my personal Craftopia journey in terms of crafting, gathering, and house decorating (such as it is)....

Some Assembly Required: Craftopia’s housing customization options leave a lot to be desired

Well, well, well. Looks like I've finally found a chink in the armor of Craftopia. And it's the portion of the game that arguably...

Some Assembly Required: Trapped by exploration and age progression in Craftopia

I'm sure that this is going to come as a complete and utter surprise to those who have followed my playing of games on...

Some Assembly Required: A trip around the world in Craftopia for materials and exploration’s sake

One of my favorite things to do in survival sandboxes is explore. Now, I admit that I don't get to feed that need very...

Some Assembly Required: Building and fighting to the Industrial Age in Craftopia

As I've written before, I'm pretty much stuck in on Craftopia. The seamless world update has done a lot of good for the sandbox...

Some Assembly Required: Red Dead roleplay servers succeed where Red Dead Online failed

One of my all-time favorite single-player game experiences was Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. The underserved Western genre is beautifully realized in this open-world...

Some Assembly Required: My journey through the housing system of Final Fantasy XIV

It took me years - literal years - but I landed a personal house in Final Fantasy XIV. Not an apartment, not a room...

Some Assembly Required: What to expect from Dual Universe’s September 27 wipe and launch

Having trouble logging into Dual Universe? That's because Novaquark shut down its servers on the 22nd. But don't worry, the space sandbox did not...

Some Assembly Required: The future of Dual Universe’s puzzle events and development

While I may be sad at missing Dual Universe's first big puzzle event that was just solved (though folks can still follow the clues...

Some Assembly Required: How clever gamers solved Dual Universe’s massive puzzle event in record time

If you are a fan of sandboxes and virtual worlds - and you are reading Some Assembly Required, so you probably are - then...

Some Assembly Required: A Stage Reborn brings live theater to Final Fantasy XIV

There's roleplaying in MMORPGs, and then there is playing a role! We're talking pixelated actors performing live theater within a virtual world. Yes, it's...

Some Assembly Required: Will Starbase’s focus on minutiae be too much of a good thing?

Recently, Massively Overthinking explored chores in sandboxes and MMOs that can feel like jobs. I may not have answered that then, but boy am...