Chris Neal

Wolfy is totally a pink wolf and not someone who just adores his avatar so much that he's lost touch with reality. He's been playing games since the days of Atari 2600 and when PCs had to be booted up in a specific sequence. He can be found in a variety of different MMOs and multiplayer games, including Final Fantasy XIV, Dauntless, Black Desert, and many others.

Sea of Thieves plans next community weekend and February updates in latest video

The news digest video series from Sea of Thieves is back with its first episode for this year, and in it fans are getting...

Palworld continues its critter preview videos with a look at the legendary Frostallion

Depending on how far along you've gotten in Palworld (assuming you're one of the millions playing the survivalbox), you might have already gotten to...

Age of Water outlines how to find fish and highlights a couple of NPC factions

Did you expect a game called Age of Water to not have fishing? If you did, then let Gaijin Entertainment and Three Whales Studio...

World of Tanks series unveils plans for Dune Part Two cross-promotion events and items

Wargaming and Legendary Pictures have come together, given each other a high-five (probably with stacks of money in their palms), and decided that the...

Multiplayer survival sandbox Smalland exits early access February 15 with new content and features

Back in March 2018, we first caught wind of Smalland, a multiplayer survival sandbox that sees players as itty-bitty sprites surviving in the scaled-up...
Come on, my dudes.

Albion Online tweaks staffs, temp-disables duels, readies Turkish and Arabic language support

It has been a busy couple of weeks in the world of Albion Online as Sandbox Interactive has been putting out patches, dealing with...

RuneScape adds a new quest and a flash event, Old School RuneScape finishes Poll 80 updates

Are you among those in RuneScape who are hoping to face off against the Wildywyrm monster more frequently? Then you're probably happy to note...

First Impressions: Nightingale’s survival and realmwalking blend could make it a stand-out in the sub-genre

Our regular readers know that the survival sandbox sub-genre is suddenly getting very crowded in very short order, which means that the upcoming gaslamp...

NCsoft updates EULAs for Lineage II, Aion, and Blade & Soul as part of move to Purple

At the top of February we reported on NCsoft's decision to migrate many of its MMOs to its bespoke Purple platform, specifically affecting Blade...

Monsters & Memories shares video footage from its recent ‘Biome Jam’ art dev test

Earlier this month, Monsters & Memories developer Niche Worlds Cult talked up an art test known as a Biome Jam, which was intended to...

Magic to Master goes crypto, ties down a publisher, and eyes a nebulous February early access release window

With all of the loud goose honking that came out of the gaming industry in 2023, it would be understandably easy to have forgotten...

Daybreak’s DC Universe Online studio Dimensional Ink is the latest games team hit with layoffs

The culling of games industry employees continues through the beginning of this year: A list compiled by Kotaku that outlines the over 6,400 layoffs...

The Stream Team: Finishing a friend’s run of Final Fantasy XIV’s Pandaemonium

This Eorzea Sunday sees MOP's Chris, his husband Jamie, and their friend Ollie wrap up the Final Fantasy XIV Pandaemonium raids! It's four more...

Sky Children of the Light celebrates emotional connections in its updated Days of Love event

Love takes a lot of forms, whether it's romantic, platonic, or familial, and that wide spectrum of affection is the heart of Sky: Children...

ARK Survival Ascended rolls back latest update, which was eating players items on official servers

When you're playing ARK: Survival Ascended, you expect things to be hungry: your tamed pets, the dinosaurs roaming the wilds, your character - you...

Diablo IV is bringing the ability to craft uber unique items on February 13

When is a Diablo IV item more unique than unique? When it's uber unique, of course! This tier of item has been a farming...

Warhaven puts out a new character, new pre-season, and Valentine’s Day event ahead of April sunset

Warhaven is still a multiplayer title that's headed for a sunsetting in April, but you probably wouldn't know that judging by the game's content...

Overwatch 2 previews Season 9 updates to competitive play and characters

Overwatch 2 has already painted a broad picture of the changes to competitive play due for the shooter's Season 9, but now director Aaron...

Genshin Impact takes cheat makers to court for copyright infringement

You have to be a special sort of sad to want to cheat in a game like Genshin Impact, let alone one who would...

Closers celebrates its sixth anniversary by handing out character level jumps and login rewards

Against all presumed odds, Closers has been online for six years, and that merits a whole lot of celebration from the anime MMO, as...