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What was I made for?

Why I Play(ed): Remembering WildStar’s sunset, five years later

Time shouldn't zip along as quickly as it often does, especially when it taps us on the shoulder to look back and see how...

Why I Play: Five years in, Fallout 76 has become expansive, flawed, and engrossing

War might never change, but Fallout 76? That sucker has changed a whole lot since its debut five years ago. For as long as I've...

Why I Play: Palia is cozy and fun, but why is it multiplayer – and where is it going?

On paper, Palia seems like it wouldn’t interest me. It is a lighthearted jaunt through a bright, cartoonish environment that involves building relationships with...

Why I Play: Six things that thrill me about Marvel Snap

At this point, I've now played more Marvel Snap than I have of my last digital card game obsession, Hearthstone. Since getting into it...

LOTRO Legendarium: On the occasion of Lord of the Rings Online’s sixteenth birthday

Sometimes the passage of time triggers disheartening moments when we feel things slipping away from us. The internet seems to nastily delight in prompting...

Why I Play: Pokemon Go (and why I shouldn’t)

I won't lie: Many, many problems with Niantic often cause me to re-evaluate why I continue to play Pokemon GO, especially in recent weeks....
Alive again!

Why I Play: Diablo III – From Reaper of Souls to today

In the first part of this Why I Play retrospective on Diablo III, I discussed the early issues that accompanied the game's record-setting debut....

Why I Play: Diablo III – From pre-release to Reaper of Souls

It's hard for me to believe that Diablo III's May 15th, 2012, release was over a decade ago. And despite its reputation of being...

Why I Play: Black Matter’s shooter Hell Let Loose scratches my RTS itch

I’ve been playing multiplayer shooters since I discovered DOOM 2’s dialup modem DOS commands, and it’s a genre I find myself returning to every...
World Orlando Fontaine Warcraft, as always, is contractually obligated to show up here.

Why I Play: World of Warcraft, 2022 edition

Have you ever watched The Good Place? If you haven't, I suggest you stop reading right now and go watch. Your life will be...

Flameseeker Chronicles: How the Elementalist saved Guild Wars 2 for me

First off, I know I'm not the usual writer for Flameseeker Chronicles, and I'm not ousting Colin or Tina from their spot; in fact,...

Why I Play: Returning to Diablo III in 2022

I don't know if there's a marketing term for this phenomenon, but Diablo Immortal did an excellent job selling Diablo III. Popular streamers all caught...

Why I Play: What keeps me coming back to The Secret World

Now and then I'll allude to being the weirdo who's still playing The Secret World -- not Secret World Legends, but the original. I've...

Why I Play: Examining why Lost Ark has me so hooked

Lost Ark has hooked me pretty deeply. I’m just over 30 levels and five or so days into the game right now, which sometimes...

Why I Play: Returning to Guild Wars 2 and exploring elite specs after nine years

I have a strange history with Guild Wars 2. I fell hard for the pre-launch hype, and when it finally arrived, I loved it...

Why I Play: Monster Hunter Rise is still worth it one month later

It's been over a month since Monster Hunter Rise was released to the public. I was feeling good about the game during the press...

Why I Play: Multiplayer sandbox Eco is so much more than just an ecology simulator

I’ve been struggling to come up with a succinct way to describe Eco. The game was recently the subject of a Whatever Happened To...

Why I Play: Finally completing Final Fantasy XIV’s relic grind

When I started my relic grind in Final Fantasy XIV, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. But after finishing the first few...

Why I Play: Final Fantasy XIV’s memorable Shadowbringer relic weapon grind

I have a love-hate relationship with Final Fantasy XIV. I actively fought against giving the game MMO of the year for 2020, and I hold the...

First impressions: Valheim early access is already one of the best co-op sandboxes in recent memory

Straight away, I'm going to admit that my favorable impressions of Valheim are wholly informed by the fact that I have the good fortune...