new world

Official Site: New World
Studio: Amazon Game Studios
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: MMORPG Sandbox
Business Model: Unknown
Platform: PC

New World’s Season of the Guardian teases new trial, cooking revamp, animation buffs, and OPR mounts

Amazon has taken the veil off New World's Season of the Guardian this afternoon, and it sounds as if it'll have a little bit...

New World’s 4.0.4 update lands today with cross-world expeditions

Happy launch day to New World's 4.0.4 patch - let's not take that number as any kind of sign - as the cross-world expeditions...

New World details its cross-world expedition group finder, finally launching February 7

New World players have been waiting longer than expected for the cross-world expedition group finder, as it was originally meant to launch last year...

The Soapbox: Casuals and soloers need challenging MMO content too

In a recent press Q&A around the announcement of Elder Scrolls Online's Gold Road chapter, Zenimax creative director Rich Lambert appeared to dismiss the...
Oh look, quick development.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery’s next phase includes Gnomeregan raid, but no more GDKP runs

The next phase for WoW Classic's Season of Discovery servers is imminent, and Blizzard is sharing some -- but not all -- of the...

New World’s Year of the Dragon mini event rings in Lunar New Year starting February 7

Amazon's latest New World dev blog and video is going ham on a holiday that is slowly but surely taking over the MMORPG festival...

Interview: Survival MMO Age of Water on monetization, sandbox play, and the Q1 early access launch

Way back at the end of 2020, we first caught wind of a new sandbox called Age of Water: Developed by Three Whales Studio...

New World’s loot biasing was meant to reduce bad feelings’ over RNG

How many times have events in MMOs caused you to drop to your knees, shake your fists at the sky, and curse your RNG...

New World introduces new combat leads, talks dodge spam, mana, and movement

If you're following along witho how Amazon Games Studio is communicating its development New World - and I know a lot of folks are...
Tonguin' done.

New World nerfs bosses, addresses low server pop realms and the future of merges

New World's update in the wee hours of this morning was not a major one, but it still includes some notable bits - the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 454: MMO roadmap roundup

Justin and Bree discuss the 2024 roadmaps for Lord of the Rings Online, Lost Ark, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, EVE Online, Elder Scrolls Online, New World, EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Wayfinder, with adventures in LOTRO, FFXIV, and City of Heroes.

New World’s latest Q&A tackles cheaters, rewards, and the content coming before May

Amazon is back with another New World Q&A video this week touching on everything from planned content to blatant aimhackers. Scot Lane begins by clarifying...

New World queues up another round of server merges this week

New World is on the verge of a fresh round of server merges, according to announcements made to players last night. "To improve the...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPGs have a permanent place on your desktop?

On the MOP Podcast a while back, I mentioned that Project Gorgon had made its way into a permanent home on my PC, which...

The Daily Grind: What will be the next MMO to undergo a big business model shift?

2023 turned out to be a weird year for business models in MMOs. It was certainly the year of cadence shifts and seasonal shifts,...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Gold Road chapter takes players back to Oblivion’s best city on June 3

With the conclusion of Elder Scrolls Online's stream this afternoon, we can finally talk about the new chapter, dubbed Gold Road. TES fans who...

Amazon explains how it balances New World’s economy faucets and sinks in latest video

Who wants to talk about money?! Amazon does, and the economy is indeed the subject of this week's Forged in Aeternum video for New...

New World’s cross-world expedition group finder heads to the PTR for testing today

All right folks, if you wanted the cross-world group finder in New World, it's finally your day... to test it, that is. Amazon announced...

Vitae Aeternum: The ups and downs of New World’s revamped story

In the early days, I made the argument that New World's narrative, while minimal, deserved more credit than it was getting. Since then, however,...

New World’s Legacy of Crassus is live along with musket, bow, and camp buffs

As written and foretold - literally, in the announcement earlier this week - New World's Legacy of Crassus event, which pits players against the...