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MMO Week in Review: Skull & Bones departs drydock

Skull & Bones finally drifted into its soft launch open beta after eleventy billion delays and do-overs, and... it's actually not terrible? And it's...
head, shoulders, skull and bones (skull and bones)

Betawatch: Skull & Bones lands washes ashore in open beta at long last

If you didn't believe that Skull and Bones would ever hit open beta, or really any beta, you aren't alone. I have been making...

Betawatch: Nightingale’s Friday stress test is still underway

It's time for Nightingale to enter the beautiful, sometimes dangerous world of stress testing as it kicked off a stress test this afternoon, which...
We remember so you don't have to.

Betawatch: Survival sandboxes aplenty with Enshrouded, Palworld, and Fractured Veil

Today, we celebrate Enshrouded entering into early access this week. Not because this is a game I am deeply invested in or anything like...
Fracking! Yes? No.

Betawatch: Fractured Online is rolling with its latest round of rollbacks

It's just hard out here for Fractured Online, sadly. We all know about the struggles that the game had when it was being published...
Smite, then smite again.

Betawatch: SMITE 2 encourages you to smite what has already been smitten

So, who had SMITE 2 on their watchlists for this year? Probably not many people, but Hi-Rez Studios has announced that the game is...

Betawatch: The Quinfall wants you to pay money for its beta

The Quinfall - so named to apparently distinguish itself from the other, lesser quinfalls - made news during a slow beta cycle by deciding...
Like a boss.

Betawatch: Camelot Unchained promises good news in 2024

Look, Camelot Unchained, I see you promising good things for 2024. I am glad that January will mark a new push of the game...
I'm fine. We're fine. This is fine. Everything's fine like wine.

Betawatch: Ashes of Creation and Age of Water target next year for more testing

Turns out that this week you were obligated to have some testing plans ready for 2024 if your game title is structured as X...
head, shoulders, skull and bones (skull and bones)

Betawatch: Skull and Bones kicks off closed beta, Corepunk launches closed test with no NDA

Apparently Skull and Bones is now in closed beta. According to the game's "official Twitter account" and "sources familiar with the matter," anyhow. Do...
like the song from cats I guess

Betawatch: Monsters & Memories throws a testing party for all

Hey y'all, Monsters & Memories is throwing a testing party and you're all invited! You might think that this would make me happy, but...

Betawatch: Nightingale’s stress test invites you to join

Our editor-in-chief will be quick to point out that if Nightingale has been stress-testing anything up to this point, it has been her patience...
I want to eat the sun.

Betawatch: City of Titans’ map falls into place in its latest test build

The past decade has been weird for a City of Heroes fan, and that extends to games like City of Titans. And now, the...

Betawatch: Pax Dei, Tarisland, and Perfect New World walk into a bar

What does it mean when both Tarisland and Pax Dei launch limited time testing events on the same week? Is it just a random...
One convenient location.

Betawatch: The Wagadu Chronicles heads to early access on December 4

It's happening, folks: The Wagadu Chronicles is heading into early access on December 4th, just like the headline says. That means you'll get your...
And shiz.

Betawatch: Tarisland’s next beta wave begins November 15

If you thought that Tarisland was going to just slink into the night and try to pretend that it had never promised to release......

Betawatch: Pantheon 247

How much would you pay to test an MMORPG? OK, but how much would you pay to test an extraction mode spun out from...
Peeky boo.

Betawatch: Wayfinder’s proper free-to-play launch will be in 2024

Yes, originally Wayfinder had planned to launch into full free-to-play this year. That isn't happening now, however, and the plans have officially moved into...

Betawatch: Warcraft Rumble is set to launch as BlizzCon kicks off

If Blizzard Entertainment wants for people to literally ever forget about asking if you all had phones, then it sure didn't help that the...
How punk.

Betawatch: Corepunk has begun testing, but you aren’t invited – yet

So we've been waiting a long time for Corepunk to start testing. The good news is that it finally has done so, but considering...