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EVE Vanguard resumes playtesting, EVE Echoes changes ship insurance costs

This weekend brings a couple of news pieces from the world of EVE Online, both in the PC and mobile versions of the game,...

EVE Online plans two expansions, Vanguard tests, returning events, and a 21st anniversary in 2024 roadmap

The content roadmaps continue to flow freely from our corner of gaming, as CCP Games has put out its full-year plan for EVE Online,...

CCP Games maps out six months of EVE Vanguard patches, feature updates, and testing

Did you miss out on the Vanguard FPS testing that was held in EVE Online? Worry not because CCP Games has a whole lot...

EVE Online adds new ice refinery heists and AIR daily goals, calls its first Vanguard test ‘a massive success’

Havoc continues to reign and expand in EVE Online, as the spaceship gankbox has made a couple of additions related to the recent update...

EVE Online begins its four day-long Vanguard FPS mode test today

It's time to experience EVE Online from a different perspective: from inside of the skull of someone with a gun. For at least the...
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Betawatch: City of Titans’ map falls into place in its latest test build

The past decade has been weird for a City of Heroes fan, and that extends to games like City of Titans. And now, the...

EVE Online’s FPS module Vanguard will have its first test on December 7 for subscribers

When CCP Games announced EVE: Vanguard, the FPS module that claims to link itself to EVE Online, many people expressed skepticism, particularly since the...

EVE Fanfest 2023: EVE players will help cure cancer with new Project Discovery minigame

Back in 2016, EVE Online developer CCP Games announced an unusual partnership with scientific research organisation MMOs and the Human Protein Atlas. They created...
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Betawatch: The Wagadu Chronicles is gearing up for early access this year

We still do not have a firm date for The Wagadu Chronicles hitting early access; all we know is that it's still on track...

EVE Fanfest 2023: The EVE Online FPS is back as EVE Vanguard this December

It's safe to say that EVE Online has a complicated history with first person shooters. The idea of stepping foot on the planets of...