ship of heroes

Official Site: Ship of Heroes
Studio: Heroic Games
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Superhero MMORPG
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Red eyes take warning.

Ship of Heroes asks fans to sound off on what makes raiding fun

The last couple of weeks have probably felt a bit weird around the Ship of Heroes offices thanks to the legal revival of City...
Forever and ever.

End-of-Year Eleven: The MMOs with the most uncertain futures in 2024

As I say every single year and several people ignore every single year: This is not a column about the games that are most...

Ship of Heroes recaps 2023 development, marking ‘dramatic progress’ toward its 2024 launch

Heroic Games had a bang-up 2023 in developing Kickstarter superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes if reading its year in review dev blog is anything...

End-of-Year Eleven: All the upcoming MMOs to watch in 2024 and beyond

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Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding stories of 2023

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Ship of Heroes’ latest dev blog talks up its attempts to make combat smoother and more enjoyable

If you peeked in on Ship of Heroes' Steam Next Fest demo as we did, you probably noticed that combat was... well, bad, let's...
Dive! DIVE!

Ship of Heroes buffs up its travel powers in the service of this weird thing called ‘fun’

On this week's MOP Podcast, Justin and I derailed into talking about superhero powers and travel powers, so it's perfect timing that Heroic Games'...

Kickstarted superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes’ power augments borrow all the right bits from City of Heroes

How about news on two crowdfunded superhero MMORPGs in one day? We'll take it: Not only did City of Titans drop a new build...

Ship of Heroes revamps targeting brackets and tab-targeting ahead of next test

Heroic Games is continuing to forge ahead with its development of Ship of Heroes following the game's most recent demo test at SteamFest. Its...

Ship of Heroes refurbs its camera, addresses feedback, and floats another demo event

Following up on what it characterizes as a "highly successful beta demo" during Steam Next Fest, Heroic Games has a new dev blog and...
You are not the real thing.

Betawatch: Pantheon’s extraction spinoff, 247, is really happening

Hey there, Pantheon, you... you doing okay there, buddy? What's that? You're suddenly pivoting to having a totally new game on the side that's...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 441: A Blizzard trick or treat

Justin and Bree discuss MMO Halloween events, Microsoft's Activision-Blizzard acquisition, WoW Classic's LFD, Embers Adrift, and Ship of Heroes, with adventures in LOTRO, New World, and WoW Classic, plus a mailbag topic on the potential for WoW on console and Gamepass.

Ship of Heroes’ digital storefront leaks the MMORPG’s box price and subscription fee

Update 10/17/23: Ship of Heroes' Casey McGeever has clarified that the publicly accessible pricing page - which has since been removed from the game's...

The Stream Team: Diving into the latest Ship of Heroes demo build

Our readers already know that Ship of Heroes has a demo version out as part of Steam Next Fest, so that means it's obviously...

Ship of Heroes provides a full playthrough video of its demo’s very first mission

The Steam Next Fest demo for superheroic MMORPG Ship of Heroes may be online, but perhaps you'd rather see what's happening in the game...

Ship of Heroes’ free demo is live on Steam through next Monday

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an upcoming superhero MMORPG that's opening its doors for a limited time only! OK, that slogan needs...
Red eyes take warning.

Ship of Heroes is running a free-to-play demo during next week’s Steam Next Fest

Indie MMO fans have long watched the progress of Ship of Heroes, the last City of Heroes spiritual successor and the one we've typical...

Ship of Heroes shows off August’s work on NPCs, costumes, powers, and missions

Ship of Heroes continues its monthly digest release cadence, showing off where the developing superhero MMORPG is as it continues its march toward a...

Ship of Heroes’ latest video demos its inspiration-like infusion system for buffs

Indie Kickstarted MMORPG Ship of Heroes has a brand-new video and newsletter out today focused on its infusion system and how it works in...

The Daily Grind: What are your top three most anticipated MMOs?

Blue Protocol. Throne and Liberty. Wayfinder. Ashes of Creation. Pantheon. Star Citizen. Palia. Ship of Heroes. Corepunk. Soulframe. Dune Awakening. Nightingale. Tarisland. I could keep...