Palworld continues its critter preview videos with a look at the legendary Frostallion


Depending on how far along you’ve gotten in Palworld (assuming you’re one of the millions playing the survivalbox), you might have already gotten to meet the formidable Frostallion boss creature. If not, then you’ve got the opportunity to feast your eyes on the higher-level legendary ahead of seeing it in-game.

Yes, despite Palworld already being out in early access for a little while, Pocketpair is still rolling out the video previews of its titular monsters, and the Frostallion is certainly one of the more powerful-looking ones yet. As its name implies, it’s basically a murderous ice pegasus that’s capable of unleashing ice storms, encasing players in blocks of ice, and blowing frigid breath at players. Luckily, as the video demonstrates, it appears pretty susceptible to fire attacks. And missiles.

As referenced earlier, this footage is just the latest in the game’s ongoing Paldeck series of creature features, so if you’re eager to watch a guardian ice deity get into a fight with someone, the video below has got your number.

source: YouTube
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