MapleStory’s Strawberry Farm Festival is the most spring thing you can do this winter

Also server reorganization


Just because there are arctic blasts, frost on the trees, and mysterious frozen white powder falling from the sky doesn’t mean that you can’t find a little slice of spring during this winter season. We recommend heading over to MapleStory, where the annual Strawberry Farm Festival is in full swing.

“Assist Spiegelette with her Strawberry Farm and receive cute strawberry-themed items,” Nexon said. “Explore the newly designed server selection screen and world groups: Interactive, Heroic, and Seasonal. Help Gold Richie unlock his safe with a secret code to win unique goodies. Transfer your highly trained Burning characters into your desired world with Burning World Leap.”

The Strawberry Farm Festival ends on February 20th. The studio teased something “special” coming with the patch as well.

The v.248 Update also includes the reorganization and renaming of MapleStory’s servers, grouping them into three categories: interactive worlds, heroic worlds, and seasonal worlds.

Source: MapleStory
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