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Massively Overthinking: Our MMO predictions for 2024

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I don't like you.

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Blue Protocol JP details new content, features, and double the hotbar buttons arriving November 22

Hungry Blue Protocol newshounds are once again feasting on information shared from Bandai Namco, which has recently wrapped up its latest developer livestream to...

Amazon Games is hit with another round of layoffs, but the MMORPGs are not affected

Amazon Games is queueing up its second layoff of the year: According to Aftermath, the company has laid off another 180 games workers, adding...

Blue Protocol’s western version is running a closed technical test next week

With Blue Protocol's global launch delayed into 2024, you might have forgotten all about it, but not so fast: Amazon and Bandai Namco are...

Blue Protocol JP releases a special site and trailer for its October 25 Chapter 4 content update

Next week looks to be a big deal for Japanese players of Blue Protocol, as the anime MMO is releasing its Chapter 4 update...

Rumor: Tencent is apparently publishing the mobile version of Blue Protocol

Tech outlets are abuzz this morning as apparently Blue Protocol's mobile edition is still happening, and Bandai Namco has tapped Tencent to run it. As...
Plue Brotocol.

Blue Protocol interview addresses the western version’s combat, story, and content cadence

Blue Protocol is one of the many MMOPRGs that are represented at Gamescom 2023, particularly the Amazon Games-published western edition of the title. That...
The eternal.

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Blue Protocol JP shows off high-level Blitz Lancer gameplay ahead of its August 16 arrival

Blue Protocol developer Bandai Namco has once again come together for its 10th livestream to talk about features arriving August 16th for the Japanese...

The Daily Grind: Are anime stylings a dealmaker or deal-breaker in MMOs for you?

Despite growing up with a healthy dose of Voltron and Robotech in my viewing habits, I've never been that fascinated with the anime subculture...

Survival MMO Dawnlands is set to launch on PC and mobile August 8

Dawnlands first hit our radar last month, when we wondered whether it would fill in the gap while everyone waits for Blue Protocol. As...

Vague Patch Notes: Culture doesn’t excuse poor design choices in MMOs

So Tarisland has heard that people don't like gender-locked classes. This is the correct feedback because gender-locked classes blow, and every game that has...

Blue Protocol’s western version finally drops a new trailer filled with frenetic combat

Still sad about the fact that Blue Protocol is out in Japan already while we're stuck waiting until next year? Well, the silver lining...

Blue Protocol JP adds a time attack dungeon, warns against using an XP exploit, and tweaks gacha odds

It's time for another giant news dump as we continue watching the progress and updates from Blue Protocol's Japanese version. Here is the latest: ...