lost ark

Official Site: Lost Ark (Korean)
Studio: Smilegate
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy MMOARPG
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Lost Ark celebrates its second birthday by reminding you how many times it’s killed your characters

Lost Ark fans are already swept up in the game's second anniversary festivities thanks to the patch yesterday, but technically, the formal western birthday...

Happy second birthday to Lost Ark, whose ‘2 Extreme’ update arrived this morning

I half expected to be able to make a "too extreme to launch on time" joke for today's Lost Ark patch, but actually Amazon...

Lost Ark discusses designing the lore, sound, and systems of the Voldis region

The month of December was all about Voldis for Lost Ark players, as the new continent and its various features dropped on fans of...

Lost Ark’s second anniversary-themed ‘2 Extreme’ update is, obviously, too extreme for you

It seems wild to me that Lost Ark is already nearing two years old, especially knowing that was only the western launch - it's...

The MOP Up: DDO’s Snowpeaks Festival returns

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 454: MMO roadmap roundup

Justin and Bree discuss the 2024 roadmaps for Lord of the Rings Online, Lost Ark, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, EVE Online, Elder Scrolls Online, New World, EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Wayfinder, with adventures in LOTRO, FFXIV, and City of Heroes.

Lost Ark adds the tropical Lai Lai adventure island in today’s January patch

Lost Ark's first big update of 2024 officially arrives today, or it will when the servers return (currently expected at 11 a.m. EST, although...

Massively Overthinking: Hopes and fears for MMOs in 2024

For our first Massively Overthinking of the year, we're drawing a hard line between what we think will happen, what we mean to make...

Lost Ark brings Inferno difficulty Brelshaza raid and hotly anticipated class balance updates January 10

At the end of December, Lost Ark had to disappoint its players with news that a series of balance updates made to the Korean...

The MOP Up: World of Warcraft wraps up Dragonflight’s esports tournaments

The final esports tournaments for World of Warcraft's Dragonflight era are coming in the first part of 2024, with the Arena World Championship taking...

MassivelyOP’s 2023 Golden Yachties: Best Worst MMO Transmedia Synergy

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Choose My Adventure: All of the MMOs you made us play in 2023, from Guild Wars to Gorgon

Well here we are, my friends. It's always such a pleasure. Remember when your votes killed me twice? OK, maybe that's being overdramatic, but...

Lost Ark’s updated elixir system and Ivory Tower abyssal dungeon are live in today’s release

As promised, Lost Ark's got one more update for players before the end of the year as the second part of the December patch...
The road to big dudes.

Lost Ark’s early 2024 roadmap includes the Breaker class (male Scrapper) in March

Don't you hate when you're forced to read an entire roadmap for a video game like some kind of animal? Can't someone else do...

Massively Overthinking: Our MMO predictions for 2024

It's time once again for the MOP staff and readers to engage in our favorite end-of-the-year MMO: collectively guessing what's going to happen next...

Lost Ark’s Voldis continent and winter holiday events are live in today’s patch

Amazon's going two for two on the holiday events in its MMOs today - first for New World, and now for Lost Ark, where...

Working As Intended: The hits and misses of our 2023 MMO predictions

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Lost Ark previews not one but two patches for December, with a new continent and elixir system

December's destined to be a strange month for Lost Ark, as it's due for two major updates, not just one. The first update is slated...

Lost Ark talks about December’s new Voldis region, new story, and new content in video

The latest update to Lost Ark not only added an edgy new class and a host of quality-of-life updates but also began a series...

Lost Ark’s Korean class balance updates won’t land in the west until January 2024

Last week saw a bit of bad news for western fans of Lost Ark when Amazon Games confirmed that class adjustments made to the...