Age of Water outlines how to find fish and highlights a couple of NPC factions


Did you expect a game called Age of Water to not have fishing? If you did, then let Gaijin Entertainment and Three Whales Studio prove you very wrong: There will indeed be fishing aplenty.

There are a few ways for players to get themselves some sweet crappies (and other fish presumably): They can either find them by searching rocks, harvest them from the bellies of sharks or from mine explosions, or catch them with a fishing rod attachment on their boats.

The act of fishing is a significantly more involved matter, as players will need to find some calm water, get the right bait type for the size of fish they want to catch, then keep their rod’s float in a white zone indicator bar on the bottom of the screen when they have a fish on. Considering a ship’s crew needs to stay fed, fishing is a foregone conclusion in a literal Age of Water.

The fishing focus is the latest in what looks to be a series of sneak previews from the oceanic survivalbox, with the first focusing on a pair of NPC factions, namely the aggressive (and human-hating) Sharkee tribe, which will open fire on human boats without provocation or warning, and the Order of the Kraken, a group of pirate-killing bounty hunters.

For more on Age of Water, be sure to check out our interview to learn about monetization, sandbox gameplay, and more if you haven’t already.

source: official site (1, 2)
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