Daybreak’s DC Universe Online studio Dimensional Ink is the latest games team hit with layoffs


The culling of games industry employees continues through the beginning of this year: A list compiled by Kotaku that outlines the over 6,400 layoffs that have occurred across the industry so far has some additional sad news from our corner of gaming, as Daybreak Games’ DC Universe Online sub-studio Dimensional Ink has been hit by layoffs.

The specific number of affected employees isn’t known at the time of this writing, but it appears to be impacting senior members of staff, with the studio’s narrative designer and art producer being among the first to confirm job cuts were happening. In addition, senior CM Theodore “Mepps” Stone has also lost his job at Dimensional Ink after 13 years of employment at SOE and Daybreak, though it’s not immediately clear whether he was part of the layoffs or he left his post.

The list of job cuts recounts a wide assortment of major and minor companies handing out pink slips, from Microsoft to Riot to Crop Circle Games, which confirms that around 50 people were let go according to an insider source. What’s more, the employees were furloughed instead of laid off because the studio reportedly couldn’t pay their severance.

source: LinkedIn (1, 2) via Kotaku
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