Monsters & Memories shares video footage from its recent ‘Biome Jam’ art dev test


Earlier this month, Monsters & Memories developer Niche Worlds Cult talked up an art test known as a Biome Jam, which was intended to see how quickly its devs could craft new environments. It sounds informative on paper, but being an art test it’s probably more impactful when viewed, which leads us to some development footage of that test.

As one might expect, the video is basically a series of vista previews, showcasing a wide assortment of biomes from the familiar to the fantastical, as the video pans through a temperate zone, a marshy forest, a village in the trees, a lava region, and a snow-filled landscape.

The video description once again explains the purpose of the Jam, and also points out that the biomes created during the test weren’t meant to be final, even admitting that many assets were reused. “This was meant to give us some insight into future work, while also just being fun and giving you a taste of things to come,” the description reads. “Keep in mind that images you’ll see below are hitting the 60-80% quality bar for future work – but we think they convey things pretty well already.” You can see that work for yourself in the video below.

source: YouTube
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