NCsoft updates EULAs for Lineage II, Aion, and Blade & Soul as part of move to Purple


At the top of February we reported on NCsoft’s decision to migrate many of its MMOs to its bespoke Purple platform, specifically affecting Blade & Soul, Lineage II, and Aion. With that in mind, it’s probably going to come as no surprise that the EULAs for all three titles have been updated as a result. Still, the news appears to have caught some players off-guard as they received email alerts about the change.

The notice isn’t too terribly alarming, as it states that account details from NC America are being transferred over to NCsoft’s Korean home base in order to facilitate the move to the Purple games launcher and thus related EULA language is being changed “to comply with new legal requirements, especially for users based in the EU.” The changes in question affect sections about the right of withdrawal, updates, termination, limitation of liability, and dispute resolution; they will come into force on March 12th.

The emails were reportedly sent out by NCsoft to everyone who plays a game under the company’s umbrella, including fans of Guild Wars 2, one of whom expressed confusion about the notice. However, the EULA changes won’t be affecting those who play GW2 because it will remain available on its own launcher run by ArenaNet. Basically, if you rumble around in Tyria, none of this affects you; for others, there are changes coming.

sources: Lineage II site, Blade & Soul site, Aion site, Guild Wars 2 forums, thanks to Jarrett for the tip!
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