Dungeons and Dragons Online’s latest U66 test includes tumbling and two more dungeons


The next round of testing for Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Update 66 is underway and features two new dungeons and a fun “experimental feature.”

The dungeons include the meme-worthy Too Many Cooks and This Old Haunt. This comes on top of previously tested content such as the Fred’s First Date instance, AOE ranged attacks, the Dragon Lord Fighter archetype, and a balance refresh to Destinies. However, the big change here is an overhaul to the Tumbling skill to keep players from doing nonstop somersaults to travel quickly.

“We think we’ve come up with a solution that preserves the active nature of Tumble, prevents players from using it to generate too much speed, AND lets them use it to prevent damage on their own terms,” the studio said.

As a PSA, be aware that Standing Stone Games is extending its free quest pack coupon promotion through February 18th. So if you haven’t claimed it yet, go to the in-game store and redeem code “FREEDDO2024” for a bunch of content unlocks.

Source: DDO
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