New World’s Season of the Guardian teases new trial, cooking revamp, animation buffs, and OPR mounts


Amazon has taken the veil off New World’s Season of the Guardian this afternoon, and it sounds as if it’ll have a little bit of somethin’ for everyone – and no, it’s not just seasonal events, though it’s teasing two of those too.

For raiders, the 10-person endgame puzzle-encrusted Winter Rune Forge trial is on deck, followed by new artifacts, the new season pass, controller support, and crafting changes, including “ingredient updates, revamped Cooking progression, Legendary Fish recipe tweaks, [and] the removal of split attribute food.” The MSQ will finally see its last revamp, mounts are coming for the 20v20 Outpost Rush PvP, and animation improvements are also on the way:

“We’ve upgraded our old combat and animation system to improve performance in high traffic areas with many players like Wars and OPR. This new system will also make it easier to improve on our combat going forward. We’ve done our best to keep the feel of the game the same or better, but would definitely like to hear about things that don’t feel right after the upgrade.”

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