RuneScape adds a new quest and a flash event, Old School RuneScape finishes Poll 80 updates


Are you among those in RuneScape who are hoping to face off against the Wildywyrm monster more frequently? Then you’re probably happy to note that last week saw the start of a special flash event that ramps up this specific creature’s arrival rate in the Wilderness and also offers up some new rewards for players to harvest.

As for the latest feature this week in RuneScape, a new quest in the City of Um has gone live, along with several updates to the area. The latest patches have otherwise added some Game Jam features, made a host of other general game updates, started another Double XP Live event, and brought more community hitlist updates.

Speaking of community-wanted feature updates, Old School RuneScape has launched the final set of Poll 80 changes that are almost exclusively about better loot from various activities within the Wilderness zone. Only one final portion of Poll 80’s demands remains: the reactivation of the scrying pool, which has been delayed because of game engine changes.

sources: Runescape site (1, 2), OSRS site
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