World of Tanks series unveils plans for Dune Part Two cross-promotion events and items


Wargaming and Legendary Pictures have come together, given each other a high-five (probably with stacks of money in their palms), and decided that the World of Tanks games are a great place for the upcoming Dune: Part Two movie to have multiple cross-promotional events for players to mark the film’s March 1st premiere.

The goodies begin on the PC version of WOT with a special Dune: Part Two – Destiny Arrives battle pass available from February 13th through the 25th. The pass will offer up characters from the film as crew members to recruit, several cosmetics, and a Tier VIII Mittlerer KPZ.PR.68 premium tank sporting a unique 3-D style effect.

World of Tanks Blitz players can get their Dune on with a special event running between February 23rd and March 7th, which features “Beast” Rabban and Fremen quests, Dune-themed cosmetics, and a unique vehicle in the form of the Groundtank, a formidable tank inspired by the Sardaukar forces.

Finally in World of Tanks Modern Armor, there will be a limited-time community event that promises unique tasks to complete and Dune-themed rewards to collect like Gurney Halleck and “Beast” Rabban commanders. The event will be broken up into three different stages, with the first stage starting off on March 5th.

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